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Posters are printed professionally in Albuquerque, and are suitable for framing. Maximum sizes are inclusive of a 2" white border surrounding each image. Posters may be custom printed at any smaller ratio of sizes by email request. Click on image to see enlarged version. All images are copyrighted.

Ever wonder why they called him Buzz? "No U.S. court has jurisdiction on the moon!" jokes the avuncular astronaut. This poster is original work printed at maximum size 48" x 32" but can be printed at smaller sizes including postcards.
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Looking west over the Black Mountain range in Southern New Mexico [24" x 14"]
An homage to Herman Melville, one of my favorite American authors. The text is excerpted from "The Confidence Man," (1857) and is a colorful description of passengers on a Mississippi riverboat. The poster can be printed in various sizes from 17" x 11" to 36" x 24." Please visit my Etsy store for purchasing information
Muffins, overstirred and overbeaten. Specifically: exterior and interior earmarked cross-sections of muffins made by those who had and had not been warned about overstirring and overbeating. From the most scientific writing you'll ever read about muffins, anywhere, in Hows and Whys of Cooking by Evelyn G. Halliday and Isabel T. Noble, University of Chicago Press, 1928 (no longer in circulation). Used with permission. [11" x 12"]