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Posters are printed professionally in Albuquerque, and are suitable for framing. Maximum sizes are inclusive of a 2" white border surrounding each image. Posters may be custom printed at any smaller ratio of sizes by email request. Click on image to see enlarged version. All images are copyrighted.

This print was developed from an original photograph, posterized in Adobe Photoshop CS2, of one of the ubiquitous gelaterie that line the streets of Venice and other cities throughout Italy. Although the maximum size of the poster is [22"x 22"] it may be custom printed at any smaller size.
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Three girls having ice cream and a smoke outside of a cafe in Ajaccio, Corsica. This poster-sized print derives from an original photo that was live-traced in Adobe Illustrator CS2.
Composite layered in Adobe Photoshop CS using original photographs taken in and around
Prague, and scans of the Bohemian heroes King Karl IV, Jan Amos Komensky and Sister Anezka made with Czech currency, which might someday be replaced by the less artistic Euro.
Composite layered with original photographs taken in and around St. Stephen's in Vienna, including the brazen '05' scrawled by the Austrian resistance during WWII, scans of Sigmund Freud, Moritz Michael Daffinger taken from Austrian currency and public domain portraits of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig von Beethoven.