Color scheme for this page [Bogart] courtesy of matthepworth and [Warm Interior] by Alison Fairley @
These are COPYRIGHTED pieces of original artwork FOR SALE, and are NOT available for free download. Since their full width ranges from 1"- 4," they are suitable for general web-design but not printing, and are available for mulitiple use, provided that you an embed (an invisible) hyperlink within the image to this webpage. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the file in the window to the right and below the thumbnail sets. I'm only asking $2.00 for each image and $39.95 for the Flash animations. Full size, resolution and file format are indicated, although they can be converted to any format and pixel size you prefer (tiff, jpg, png, etc.) Make sure to include an email address that is capable of receiving large-sized attachments.
WARNING: Fair is fair. If any of these images are illegally downloaded, your IP address is recorded and documented and you will be subject to copyright violation charge(s) filed in a United States Federal Court.