I can help you create, host and maintain the website of your choice. My particular strength is expertise with the Adobe Creative Suite, especially in color enhancement, and with digital graphics and multimedia especially as it relates to artists and musicians. I'll help you promote your business using the most widely used search engines on the Internet or the most effective targeted paid-advertising firms. Utilizing a reliable server, I can help you...
Register the available domain name of your choice.
Design and post your site, working closely with you and your associates.
You may have up to 200 MB of space, domain-based email and access to a variety of shopping-cart or internet payment utilities as well as several data collection tools including detailed tracking information.
$62.25/year covers the cost of domain registration and hosting for a 200 MB site, only $5/month!

$40/year covers domain registration and hosting for a 50 MB site, $3.33/month.
$40/hour covers the cost of design, revisions and one-on-one education. I work fast, and aim to train customers to independently maintain and revise their websites. This will save your business hundreds of dollars per year.

A typical website consisting of 10-15 discrete pages and less than 25 images will require, on the average, no more than 8 hours to construct. Additional time may be necessary to create and optimize images or to format additional accessories within your site.

Color scheme for this page [Garcia Sola's landscapes] courtesy of extraterroide @ kuler.adobe.com