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Original copyrighted photograph taken near Redstone Colorado. Buyer has choice of three different back sides for this postcard, featured below. One backing is USPS compliant with address bars and a graphic showing Chair Mountain in Gunnison County CO with the caption "Red fox near Redstone Colorado." The second is a plain white USPS compliant which reads "Red fox" only (no graphic) and the third is not USPS compliant showing just the graphic of Chair Mountain and photographer credit. Please indicate which backing you prefer in an email message if you decide to purchase. Postcards 4 x 6" (102 x 152 mm) with USPS standard coated back are offset-printed at 2400 dpi by Overnight with a glossy, UV-protected front, on firm high quality 15 pt cardstock. This printer produces an exceptional product, these cards are comparable with the best worldwide.