Avocado wood picture frame: approximately 40" long.

Hand milled California Avocado wood handle, walrus tooth bolster, silver bezel and turquoise inlay around the brass ferrule. Finnish Thyssenkrupp Lauri carbon steel carving blade. I can rehandle or make new kitchen knives using avocado or other fruit- and nutwoods. Contact me by clicking here.
Avocado is the least dense of all of the edible woods I sell, a little more so than balsa, with more knots. It rips, cross-cuts and turns like butter. I've started to panel avocado wood around my kitchen cabinets, pictures are forthcoming. Avocado wood blanks (1" x 1" x 6") are available for purchase through my eBay store Edible wood. Custom-milled knife and gun scales, pepper-mill and larger turning blanks are available by email request. Click here to view more varities of fruitwood I mill.