Above: apricot wood pipe carved by friend and customer Scott Mason. Contact him by clicking here. Below, apricot wood bookend blanks used to make an electric guitar. Bottom right: Bowl turned from Colorado Apricot wood by friend and customer Bryan Nelson. Visit his website by clicking here

Apricot is useful for woodwind instruments: 15 x 2 x 2" flute blanks
Like cherry, apricot darkens over time, however, thorough treatment of the freshly sanded and surfaced boards with a top-coat polymer, apricot kernel oil or a beeswax finish preserves the natural orange color indefinitely. This wood was cut from fruit orchards in and near Corrales New Mexico and has been air-dried and seasoned for over three years in an arid climate.

I have apricot wood in sizes ranging up to a maxium 2" x 2" x 12" with photos of all sides of each piece provided to you by email before you purchase. Custom-milled knife and gun scales, pepper-mill and larger turning blanks are available by email request. Let me know what you need.

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